words of a middleman

“Words of a middleman” is a Wireless Router analysing network connections in a local network and displaying them on its integrated display. The digital communication between all network protagonists, humans, devices and servers is translated into natural language, making it human-readable and understandable. From the position of a story-telling observer, the router exposes activity and content about the dialogues of humans and computers.


Wireless routers are a connection to the internet and thereby a local hub to our digital communication. With their help we send emails, connect to other devices and surf the web. In carefree interaction with our computers, we think the network traffic is handled calm and confidential by the wireless router. In this space of digital intimacy the wireless router is a silent observer. It demonstrates the intangible nature of digital data and we perceive the router as a symbol for our connection to the internet. In this major role as middleman in the digital communication he doesn't get enough credit, in form and content. The project “Words of a middleman” describes a scenario, where the wireless router steps out of its shadow existence and communicates actively his role.
Inspired by the narrative style “stream of consciousness” the router emerges as a narrator, observes the events within the network and journalize them publicly. Devices, servers and their users act as performers equally and are in steady dialog with each other.